16 December 2012

After The Battle - NUTS Big Hurt Scenario 1

So what happened after the first NUTS Big Hurt scenario? Who survived and who joined the squad as a replacement?

Red and Carl were both taken Out of the Fight and recovered - so let's check for their recovery (as per the table on p29 of the NUTS rulebook).

Red passes 0d6 on his recovery check. That means his wound is severe enough for him to be shipped home to the USA. That German rifle bullet shattered his spine, leaving Red the athlete permanently bound to a wheelchair.

Carl passes 2d6 and returns to the squad. His was just a flesh wound and he's mighty thankful to Weisnick for pulling him out of the fire and carrying him to safety.

Improvement Rolls

According to the NUTS rulebook, characters can improve if they:

  • Fired at the enemy and scored a hit or engaged in melee.
  • Did not receive a result of out of the fight.
  • Did not hunker down.
That makes the following eligible for improvement rolls: Sergeant Jones, Corporal Weisnick, Robert Born, John Cusack and Jacob Goldstein

Also, because he hunkered down, Fred must see if he loses Rep.

The dice hit the table.

Corporal Weisnick improves to Rep 5 and John Cusack goes up to Rep 6. That makes the squad  super strong - and with Cusack as a born leader, he definitely could be NCO material if something happens to Weisnick or the Sarge.

Fred checks to see if he drops any Rep. No, he's OK. No doubt the squad expected it of him as he's a new guy.


Passing 2d6 on the replacement check, the squad receives two replacements: one Rep 3 and one Rep 5.

Casey Keyes is a Rep 3 trooper with "Fast" that allows him to replace the crippled Red.

Tom Finkelstein is a Rep 5 soldier with "Lucky". Tom takes the rifle grenades that Red used to carry.

We are now just 1 man short of being full strength.

New Roster

You can see the new squad roster in pdf format by following this link.


  1. I'm glad to see the campaign system being shown. I think this individual approach has it hands down over Flames of War.

    -John Paul

    1. Thanks John Paul - The campaign system really is very cool and I feel it makes you realistically cautious in your approach and attacks (you don't want to lose key men).

      It also facilitates the creation of a great campaign narrative...


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