Wargame Room

If you look back through my blog you'll notice a gap of around 18 months in my posts.


Was it because I was lazy? Kidnapped by aliens? Waylaid by pirates? Nope, it was because I was homeless.

Not homeless in the "I have nowhere to live sense", but rather homeless in the "I have nowhere to set up my wargames" sense.

While I did find a few temporary homes (an unused garage, an old flat of mine, a friend's basement) none ever provided more than a few weeks shelter before I needed to move out (garage was filled with my brother's new boat, flat got sold, friend's dad needed more workshop space).

Because my work pressures are immense, I generally play my wargames in snatches, often leaving a table set up for a couple of weeks (or even a month) at a go. I then game in bite-sized pieces whenever opportunity presents itself.

I found a home

However, that has now changed.

I have recently found a new house which has a huge garage and several large rooms  in the basement. My wife, seeing my nomadic wargaming existence over the last 20 years, has given me the whole lot to use as I see fit (cue manic laughter and lightning flashes).

So I'll be detailing my project to create the ultimate wargames room in that space (I can quite easily fit a couple of 20 foot tables in there if I need to, as well as a couple of cars - hence my use of the word "ultimate").

The keys should be in my hand in February. So watch this space as I gather plans, set up projects and generally develop the space.

And, of course, if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave some comments.

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