15 December 2012

NUTS Battle Report - The Big Hurt Campaign Scenario 1

If you are looking for this post, it has moved to: http://www.thewargamingaddict.com/nuts-battle-report-the-big-hurt-campaign-scenario-1/


  1. Thanks - glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Excellent, very inpirational. I was not aware Hex Map Pro had tree/river and various terrain symbols as contained on your "board". Were these imported from another program?


    David (UK)

  3. Yes David - I used Battle Chronicler to create the map and then exported it as a jpg.

    The jpg I loaded up to a file sharing service (like Dropbox or Google Drive) and from there downloaded it to the iPad and put it into Hex Map Pro.

    I used Pages to keep notes of everything as I played on the iPad (the switching back and forth is a bit of a pain but you get used to it).

    It also means that you can carry your wargames with you anywhere. Which is AWESOME!

  4. Great report and nice description of the mechanics. I wish that Hex Map Pro had a version for Android. The developer told me, in a nice way, that probably wasn't going to happen.

  5. Thanks Sean. Yes the mapping sofware is an issue. You could try 3D Virtual Tabletop but not sure how good it would be for playing WW2.


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